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Here at The Culinary Institute of America, we have 41 teaching kitchens and bakeshops at our NY campus. We produce thousands of meals a day. We have a recipe for everything, just check the library’s 86,000 books. Any ingredient you can think of, our storeroom probably has it. It’s a culinary wonderland. It’s Hogwarts for food.

But beyond the equipment and the facilities, more important even than the ingredients, are the people. The chefs, the students, the foodies…anyone with even a slight love of food will find something to their taste here. They’ll leave us well fed, both physically and intellectually, because we can’t contain our passion for all things culinary. Here, food is life.

If you totaled all the years of culinary experience present on the CIA campus, how many years would you have? How many decades? How many centuries? And we’re still learning. From each other. From the industry. From you, whether you’re a prospective student, culinary professional, or foodie.

This blog will share a small bite of the knowledge, experience, wisdom, research, and general know-how found within the CIA’s community of faculty and staff. Bon ap├ętit!

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