Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why Go to A Professional Cooking School

by CIA Instructor Irena Chalmers

"I think culinary schools are indispensable to a young chef who really wants to make a career in that field." says famous restaurateur Daniel Boulud.

Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park dean of culinary arts Brendan Walsh says, “From their first day of school, students are tasting, touching and feeling ingredients, and building their perceptions of seasoning. In their freshman year, students have a class that teaches them things like why comfort foods have such a positive psychological effect. "

"A lot of other schools don't have this model, but many of them try to follow our lead.”

And there are other skills, too, that Walsh thinks culinary schools ought to be teaching their students in order to become successful restaurant chefs.

He tells us, “When you experience restaurants up close, you realize what those skills are in terms of long-term thinking and knowing how to work with other people. Also even just figuring out how to make your restaurant concept right for its community. That requires lots of different abilities, not only learning how to cook” 

And CIA communications director Jeff Levine agrees, saying, "We're preparing our students for life, not just how to cook an egg."

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