Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Welcome to the New CIA Blog

by CIA Instructor Irena Chalmers
On the first day at the CIA every new student is excited but scared, lost then found, overwhelmed, apprehensive and bewildered. Nervous yet excited. Psyched. Hyped up and full of hope and optimism.

Everyone is measuring everyone else. Classmates gravitate towards a mirror image of their own gender, age and ethnicity. Kids, fresh from high school, meet and greet graduates from other colleges, older career changers, young vets and new arrivals from around the country and around the world; from India and Korea, Europe and Israel, France and the Philippines, North Carolina and New Jersey.

The community of the CIA is a microcosm of the universe.

On the college campus, the majestic Roth Hall opens its doors onto the playful dancing waters of the fountains on the Plaza and beyond to the sweeping vistas of the majestic Hudson. It is here, at this very point, the salt waters of the ocean collide with the fresh waters of the river. Here too, our cultural heritages collide and merge into fruitful collaborations.

Here new students make thrilling discoveries — and a few disasters. Here are  flourishing ideas and inspirations. Here are kitchens and classrooms. To succeed everyone must work hard, study seriously and seize unlimited, unique opportunities. There are clubs to join, games to play, lifetime friendships to form, travels to take and campus visits from galaxies of culinary stars.

Unlike other colleges, we exist as the living conjugation of the verb TO Eat. I EAT. YOU EAT. WE ALL EAT — TOGETHER.  Food is Life. Wine is Living.

We respect the past and the present and value science and the innovative technologies.  We embrace new suggestions, new voices and invite new members to our ever-expanding family of friends, faculty, students, graduates and alumni.

For the culinary world, the CIA is the Port of Entry. The Crossroads. The Destination.

We are all the same. We are all different.  Each of us has the singular opportunity to choose our own path to the future... everyone must find their own ornament to hang on the tree.

Our new site will share words from every part of our vibrant campus.  Check back regularly. All your comments and opinions are gladly accepted.

In addition to teaching at the CIA, Irena Chalmers is the author of two books about culinary careers. Check out her personal blog at http://foodjobsbook.com/.

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